Nationwide News understands four of five people who were arrested last week at dancehall entertainer, Mavado’s house, in Norbrook, St. Andrew, have been released without charge.

Among the four released is Mavado’s younger brother.

However, the deejay’s 17-year old son who was among the 5 arrested remains in custody.

The teenager is to be questioned later this week by the Police in connection with an ongoing investigation.

Details of the investigation are not immediately clear.

Mavado is expected to return to Jamaica this week and make himself available to answer questions from the Police.

The deejay is being represented by Peter Champagnie and Tamika Harris.

Last week, the attorneys wrote to the Police indicating that Mavado wishes to make himself available to investigators as soon as possible.

However, the attorneys revealed that Mavado had a prior contractual obligation in the United States.

They suggested that he’d face significant penalties had he breached the contractual agreement.