CEO of Mayberry Investments Limited, Gary Peart has described 2015 as the most significant milestone in the year of the company.

In his address to shareholders in the company’s 2015 Annual Report, Peart said 2015 was also the year Mayberry saw its largest ever value creation.

He says stock holders’ equity increased by $2-billion closing out at $6.24-billion, translating to a 49 percent increase in share value.

Mayberry also recorded revenues of close to a billion dollars and a net profit of $145-million, which translated in earnings per share of $0.12.

Peart says the company’s additional investments in Lasco Financial Services Limited, Blue Power Group Limited and Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Limited, cap a year where Mayberry positioned itself to take advantage of key developments in the economy.

He says going forward; Mayberry will continue to look for additional opportunities to invest in companies that share its core values as well as its commitment to adding value to their businesses.