Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Environment Trust, JET, Diana McCaulay, is this afternoon raising alarm over reports that the new development order for the Negril/Green Island region in Westmoreland and Hanover, allows for construction activity to occur closer to the sea.

A Development Order is a legal document used to guide development in a specific area.

The Town and Country Planning Act is only applicable in an area where a Development Order exists.

The Opposition JLP says its most concerned about a change in the law that currently mandates buildings to be set back from the high water mark by at least 1-hundred-and-50 feet.

Mrs. McCaulay says the changes in the set back are dangerous.

Ms. McCaulay says the National Environment and Planning Agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Authority must address the matter immediately.

And Ms. McCaulay says Jamaicans need to question why none of the previous recommendations from the Negril Development Order of 1984 have been implemented to protect the environment.

Diana McCauley JET CEO speaking with Nationwide News.