Stevian Simmonds reports

The Medical Association of Jamaica, MAJ, is urging the government to extend the tight anti-COVID measures until there is a satisfactory decline in the rate of hospitalization.

This Saturday, Jamaicans will have to endure a third consecutive weekend lockdown.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness imposed the measures last month in response to a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalization.

Health Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, says there’s already a decrease in the rate of hospitalization.

But, President of the MAJ, Dr Andrew Manning, says hospitals are still under pressure.

Dr Manning says it will take more time to examine the effectiveness of the lockdown measures.

But he notes there’s been a decrease in the rate of COVID 19 infections.

He says the rate of hospitalization is still at an unsatisfactory level and that is why Dr Manning says it’s important to continue the tight curfew measures that restrict movement.

He’s also calling on the authorities to explore a implementing a system to help people access food and basic supplies before lockdowns, without being subjected to large crowds.