A meeting called by the PNP Caucus of the St. Thomas Municipal Corporation yesterday to bring a no-confidence motion against Mayor Michael Hue, ended before the resolution could be tabled.

That’s according to the Leader of the PNP Caucus, Hubert Williams.

Mr. Williams accused Mayor Hue, who’s also the Chairman of the St Thomas Municipal Corporation, of prematurely adjourning the meeting. He described yesterday’s proceedings as a farce.

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Section 16 of the Local Governance Act of 2016 says the chairperson of a municipality can only be removed one year after the date of his appointment.

But, Mr. Williams says this wasn’t cited as a reason for dismissing yesterday’s motion.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Williams says the PNP Caucus will consult their legal team regarding their next move. He says the special meeting was dismissed after the PNP asked for an amendment to be made to the motion.

The PNP Caucus wanted to change Mr. Hue’s title from deputy mayor to mayor.

Mr. Hue was elevated to the post of Mayor last week after his predecessor, Lenworth Rawle, resigned.

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Hubert Williams was speaking yesterday with Nationwide’s William Mitchell.