Two men arrested last evening during the protest for better roads in St. Thomas are being questioned by detectives in the presence of their attorneys.

The question and answer session follows an application by their attorneys for them to be charged or released.

The application was made before Judge Maxine Ellis in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court this morning by attorneys Bert Samuels and Steven Jackson.

Mr. Samuels says the matter is to be mentioned again on Wednesday in the Parish Court.

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The men, Omar Ryan and Andrew Turner, were arrested on suspicion of malicious destruction of property and other criminal activity in St. Thomas.

Ryan was detained after protesters started hurling stones at a police vehicle and burning tyres.

Mr. Samuels says his client made attempts to stop the violent protest.

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Mr Samuels says his client organized a peaceful demonstration and denounced the violence during a radio interview. He told the court on Tuesday that his client was only arrested because he was the organizer of the protest.

However, he says there’s no evidence to suggest his client was being violent.