A supporter of the People’s National Party seemingly threatened a journalist with rape at the party’s Old Hope Road Headquarters on Monday.

The incident took place late last evening as journalists covered a protest by comrades against the appointment of Dr. Alfred Dawes as the standard bearer for the PNP in South East St. Catherine.

The threat was hurled at a reporter from the RJR Gleaner Group, from an unknown party supporter as she and Nationwide News Reporter Chevon Campbell sought to have questions answered from PNP Vice President, Mikael Phillips.

Ricardo Brooks tells us more.

The journalists were surrounded by members of the PNP as they addressed Mr. Phillips as he exited a building to the back of the PNP headquarters.

The members of the media had been escorted to the area where Mr. Phillips had just ended a meeting with supporters from South East St. Catherine.

One of the men seen standing with Mr. Phillips can be heard uttering the threat.

There were also testy comments from PNP Deputy General Secretary, Dexroy Martin, who insisted both journalists leave the compound for wearing green clothing.

Ms. Jackson was clad in green pants and a black polka dot top, while Mr. Campbell wore a green dress shirt and jeans.

The Deputy General Secretary then sought to bar the journalists from speaking to Mr. Phillips.

Meanwhile, Mr. Martin was also lambasted by party supporters hailing from South East St. Catherine for what they saw as his poor behaviour.