The Prosecution closed its case today in the Michael McLean murder trial.

McLean is accused of killing of 6 people in St. Thomas in February 2006. The defence will begin its case on Monday in the Home Circuit Court in downtown, Kingston.

The accused man’s attorney, Carlton Collman, is expected to lead the defence. Over this week, Mr. Collman, who had only been providing legal advice to McLean rose from the bench to conduct cross-examinations.

Next week he’s so far expected to call one witness and use evidence about the forensic results regarding the accused man’s car and dirt samples.

Today was the twelfth day of the Michael McLean murder trial. The Prosecution closed its case today after recalling its twelfth witness to the stand. The following is a chronology of what has been garnered through each witness since the start of the trial.

The Prosecution’s first witness detailed in her Evidence in Chief that she took the accused man to an obeah man on Friday February 24, 2006.

While at the obeah man who was described as a ‘spiritual man’, she testified that he told McLean about seeing a lot of blood and sharp tools.

The second witness who testified was the caregiver of McLean’s son.

In her evidence in chief she told the court on Saturday February 25 in the afternoon, the accused man came home in a hurry to get tools such as a shovel, a board handle knife and a chopper.

The third witness, Junior Williams – was a chef at McLean’s business place. The Prosecution also called McLean’s former fiance who testified McLean told her to meet him at an unusual time of the morning to go to a hotel with their daughter on Sunday, February 26.

The time she told the court was about 4 or 4:30. She described in her Evidence in Chief that there was mud all over her former fiance’s elbows, clothes and sneakers. His vehicle was also muddy and there was bush hitched in the passenger door of his vehicle.

Witness number six was Winston Earl – a hotel worker who washed the muddy vehicle and McLean’s muddy sneakers. The neighbour of the accused man’s girlfriend, who was also killed, was also called as a witness.

The seventh and eighth witnesses were Special Constable Richard Jones and Superintendent Charmaine Shand. Both testified they knew McLean very well.

Superintendent Shand was the person McLean called to bring him into custody on Monday, February 27; a day after the bodies of five of the victims were discovered. Superintendent Shand grew up as McLean’s neighbour in the parish.

The ninth witness, Detective Inspector Carlton James recorded McLean’s victim statement. He had the only copy of the statement still in existence. His former colleague, Retired Acting Deputy Superintendent in charge of crime in St. Thomas, Carlos Bell was another witness. He had the only caution statement still in existence. Both documents were tendered into evidence this week. The documents detail McLean’s accounts of what happened between Saturday February 25 and Sunday February 26.

In the caution statement McLean claims two other men called Rasta and Salla killed the family of six. The other two witnesses were Dr. SN Prasad Kadiyala, and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Granville Gause.

Dr. Kadiyala who is a Consultant forensic pathologist conducted the post-mortem of the last victim and read the results of the others. The other five post-mortems were conducted by Dr. Ere Seshaiah who was unable to be in court.