Moments before he was suspended for three months from the St James Municipal Corporation, the embattled Councillor, Michael Troupe, attempted to mount a defence.

Troupe told his colleague councillors that he was stumped when he heard his name being associated with the seizure of a shipment of over 100 illegal guns.

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The now-suspended councillor says the allegations have impacted his family.

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Councillor Troupe mounted his defence after JLP Councillor Charles Sinclair laid out a compelling case saying it was not the first time Troupe, had let down the Council and brought it into disrepute.

The full, JLP-dominated corporation voted along party lines 12-4 to suspend the PNP Councillor for the Granville Division who was told he should not return to that local government body until June.

Councillor Troupe’s name recently came into prominence when reports emerged in December that the name of his former secretary was listed as the person to whom 119 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were consigned in Jamaica.

No one has yet been arrested for the attempt at illegally exporting the guns and ammunition from the United States.

Troupe said at the time that his secretary had left the job three months earlier.

However at the monthly meeting of the St James Municipal Corporation yesterday, Councillor Sinclair said by that response it meant the secretary had left the job by August or September yet a cheque had been made out by the Corporation to her in October, based on Troupe’s approval.

Councillor Sinclair said that cheque was picked up by someone else and transacted in the secretary’s name, even though the secretary was not in the island.

Mr Troupe for his part said in his statement that the secretary had walked off the job three months prior was not accurate. He explained that when he was called and told of the involvement of his name and that of his secretary he was frightened. He denied any involvement and said the Council members would not understand the fright he experienced

The motion for disciplinary action against Troupe had been moved at January’s monthly corporation meeting by JLP Councillor David Brown.

Yesterday Brown asked for Mr Troupe to be suspended for three months. JLP Councillor Dwight Crawford said it should not have come to the vote to suspend him as Troupe should have voluntarily taken time off.

After the vote, Councillor Troupe got up and left the Chamber in Montego Bay. He thanked the Council and said it would give him time to spend with his constituents of Granville. He said he had no hard feelings towards the members who voted to suspend him.