Local Government Minister Desmond Mckenzie, says he’s confident there was no breach of COVID 19 protocols during the staging of the Sagicor Sigma run on Sunday.

The government and organisers of the run have been facing criticisms from persons who say it’s unfair they got approval to stage the event.

Minister Mckenzie says the organisers were approved based on the understanding they would accommodate only 100-people, with adherence to the gathering limit of ten persons.

He says it’s unfair for people to think the government would not approve non corporate events.

In fact, Minister McKenzie says the government recently announced that sports and event organizers are to submit proposals on how their events can be held safely.

He says the government is prepared to accept responsibility for recent surges in COVID 19 cases as it took credit at a time when the country said it was handling the pandemic well.

Desmond McKenzie, Local Government Minister, speaking last evening on Nationwide @5.