Sara Misir took the checkered flag in the closing race of the day at the JRDC’s Carnival of Speed at Dover Raceway on Easter Monday to end the day with two wins and a second place finish in the Modified Production Class 4.

On the starting roll, Townsend won the initial start with Sara coming from behind on the inside, making it two abreast into corner one to the roar of the crowd.

Townsend and Misir then drove through corner two side by side, with Gordon and Larmond closely behind.

Misir was able to capitalise at the exit of corner two to take the lead with Townsend, Gordon and Larmond following closely behind.

Townsend then faced gearbox problems and had to retire the car at the end of the first lap.

An intense duel then ensued involving Misir, Larmond, and Gordon.

The next four laps became a three-car battle, but Misir kept her composure and opened up the lead in each lap to run away with more than half a lap by the sixth.

She maintained the lead to seal her victory on the eighth and final lap.

Earlier in the day, in Race Two, Misir faced brake fading problems, but managed to finish second behind Allan Gordon.

Misir ended the day on 27 points to take the early lead in MP4, while Allan Gordon is in second with 24 points.