Central Westmoreland residents are reacting to the controversy engulfing their embattled Member of Parliament, George Wright.

Wright is alleged, to be the man seen in a viral video physically assaulting a woman.

The MP has neither confirmed nor denied whether he is the person in the viral video.

However the police ended their investigation into the matter as they are unable to confirm the identity of the persons in the video.

Nationwide News went into the constituency yesterday to canvass the reaction of Wright’s constituents.

Wayne Walker has more in this report.

Wright is currently on leave of absence from the nation’s Parliament and is due back on June 21.

On our visit to the Constituency yesterday, we were told the first time MP has not been seen around much since the matter came to national prominence.

A resident in Petersfield showed our Western Correspondent the house in which the JLP MP reportedly lived.

It is understood he now resides in Manchester.

However the resident argued that the constituency deserves better.

The same resident said he doesn’t expect Wright to remain Member of Parliament for much longer as there are those who planning to take action if he visits.

The views were different from other members of the constituency including Gilbert Scott who says he doesn’t know Wright as a violent man.

Another resident, Kenroy Miles, says he’s skeptical of the contents of the video.

Wright was last seen out in public after attending church in Petersfield on sunday and efforts to reach Mr Wright on his cellphone yet again proved futile

Wayne Walker for Nationwide News.