There are mixed reactions from some men this afternoon to a legislation which seeks to make an offence of utterances or actions of a sexual nature which cause discomfort among individuals in the workplace.

The Sexual Harassment Protection and Prevention Act 2021, was approved by Parliament on Tuesday.

It’s to be passed into law soon.

The legislation will also require all companies and small businesses to have a sexual harassment policy, and a confidential sexual harassment offender registry.

Offenders could face a fine of up to $1-million.

The legislation empowers both men and women to make  complaints of sexual harassment once an offender persist after an initial warning.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Our news centre visited Half Way Tree, St. Andrew to gauge the reaction of  some men to the provisions of the act.

This taxi operator says he’s concerned the legislation will create an offence of what he says both men and women deemed a compliment.

This Transport Authority employee says the law could create more violence between men and women.

He says the fine of up to $1-million for convicted offenders, is too high.

He says it would be better to imprison offenders instead of imposing a fine.

This man, Williams, says the legislation did not come too soon.

But he blamed women for being sexually harassed, saying some of them dressed in what he says is an excessive manner.

In the meantime, this man says the amendments are now necessary because of what he says is a breakdown in society.

And this young man also blames popular music.