There are mixed views among residents of Kingston and St. Andrew about the re-imposition of the States of Public Emergency SOEs, in their communities.

Our news center visited several communities in the Kingston Eastern, Kingston Central and St. Andrew South Police Divisions, today to gauge the views of residents.

There’s a growing consensus among some residents, that SOEs are futile in addressing the country’s chronic crime problem.

However others say, it’s better than being sitting ducks, in the middle of intense gang wars.

Hykel Nunes has more.


Tense communities, with tight lipped residents, who wished they could speak to the media without putting their lives at risk.

That’s what we found when we ventured into the three Corporate Area police divisions back under a state of public emergency.

Those who mustered the courage to speak to our news team, gave mixed views.

Do not venture into the neighboring community.

We were warned that walking towards the north of our location at that time in Dunkirk, East Kingston, could be to our detriment.

One resident of who wished to remain anonymous, said the loss of a family friend yesterday, has driven home the need for SOEs.

But in Nine Miles Bull Bay in St. Andrew, a shopkeeper explained that the SOEs do not work.

He says the security forces need a more tactical approach to fighting crime.

A Kingston Central resident said, children ages of 12 to 16 , are the new generation of criminals.

She says they have been outsmarting the security forces, finding ways to circumvent measures that have been put in place.

Hykel Nunes, Nationwide News