Nationwide News understands that the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA, will investigate the campaign funds scandal gripping the Opposition PNP.

It’s understood that MOCA is to investigate reports that wads of US dollars were brought into the island in November 2015 and received by an associate of a then serving Cabinet Minister.

Reports that the foreign currency was brought into the island via an aircraft which is registered to an overseas state owned company are to be probed by MOCA.

It’s illegal to bring more than 10-thousand-US dollars into the island and not make the required declaration to the relevant authorities.

Reports that the foreign exchange was converted to local currency on the black market are also to be probed by MOCA.

Yesterday, PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke issued a statement denying that the PNP received campaign funding from a foreign country ahead of the general election on February 25.

Contractor General Dirk Harrison’s anti-corruption agency is also probing issues related to the scandal.

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