A file which details circumstances in which a parish Councilor with a criminal conviction was in 2014 issued with a gun license has been referred to the Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency (MOCA).

In making the referral, the current FLA leadership noted that the Councilor was convicted for fraud and embezzlement before her application for a gun license was approved in 2014.

The Councilor has reportedly not acted on the permit issued to her by the FLA which allows her to acquire a licensed firearm.

The FLA has also asked MOCA to probe the circumstances in which a man, who was denied a shotgun license on October 14, 2013, was then issued with the license a few months later.

The man had been initially denied the permit based on findings by the FLA investigators that he had been displaying “intemperate habits”.

The FLA investigators have also reportedly discovered that the man was also charged with illegal possession of firearm.

The license for a 9-millimeter pistol which he had in his possession was also revoked in 2013 based on those findings.

However, the man appealed to the then Directors of the gun control body and was issued with the shotgun license.

The Board also rescinded the revocation of his 9-millimeter license and ordered that the gun be given back to him.