Statements given to the Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency (MOCA) have implicated two senior PNP politicians as close associates and financiers of a reputed Corporate Area gang leader.

The senior members of the PNP implicated in the statements are Members of Parliament. Two witness statements say the politicians facilitated the gang leader and his cronies being given government contracts when the PNP had control of Government.

One of the explosive statements was given by a man who told MOCA that he had lived in one of several communities which the reputed gangster controls.

The man says he has witnessed a series of vicious crimes being perpetrated by the gang leader and his cronies. He told MOCA that a few years ago he was attacked by cronies of the gang leader.

The man said the cronies of the gang leader were armed with high powered weapons and chased him out of the community because he refused to become a member of their gang.

The alleged eye witness told MOCA that the gang leader and his cronies have been involved in a series of murders, gun running, kidnapping, rapes and illegal sand mining.

The witness statement then implicates a Member of Parliament as being a close associate of the gangster. The MP was an influential Minister in the former-PNP administration.

The alleged eye witness named the reputed gangster and told MOCA – “I am afraid of him and his gang. He’s very powerful. I see him walking and talking in the community with the Member of Parliament and showing him the areas he controls”.

The man also named the Opposition MP and told MOCA that in 2015 the politician facilitated the gang leader being given a series of Government contracts in his constituency.

The witness also told MOCA that he has seen the gangster and his cronies in the company of another prominent PNP politician patrolling communities he controls. That politician is now a member of Parliament and was a senior official in the former PNP administration.

Another statement given to MOCA by a female described the gang leader as a don who provides work for men in the area. That statement also named the two senior PNP politicians as being close associates of the gangster.

The woman also told MOCA that the gang leader got several Government contracts from the two PNP politicians when they were in control of Government.

The statement told MOCA that when the politicians are having a political function they use the services of the gang leader and his cronies to “control the people”.

The woman also told MOCA that she became close to the gang leader shortly after he returned to Jamaica a few years ago. She says since the gangster came back to Jamaica in 2009, violent crime in several areas across the Corporate Area has increased.

The woman also told MOCA that she witnessed high powered guns being used by the gang leader and his cronies to murder the Father of her child. She says the father of her child was murdered when he declined a request to join the gang.

The reputed gang leader was recently tried in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston. He was accused by MOCA of breaching the country’s anti-gang law and being the leader of a criminal organization.

There were jitters in the Opposition PNP when it was revealed in court a few weeks ago that photographs of the PNP politicians in the company of the reputed gangster were included in the MOCA case file. But the case was dismissed when a key witness declined to testify.

And a judge ruled that damning information obtained from the Facebook profile of the gangster would not be admitted into evidence.

Senior sources at MOCA told our news center today that the reputed gang leader and his cronies remain significant persons of interest to the organized crime and anti-corruption agency.

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