A 26-year-old employee of Moncrieffe Patio Shop on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew has been charged with murder and three counts of wounding with intent.

This, following the killing of the co-owner of the company and the injuring of her husband and two other employees.

Charged is 26-year old Omar Graham.

Graham — who’s otherwise known as ‘Brownman’ — is accused of murdering his former employer 77-year-old Barbara Moncrieffe.

Her husband, Vassell Moncrieffe and two other employees, who’re relatives of the couple, were taken to hospital following the attack.

One of the injured has been released from hospital.

The motive for the attack is still not clear.

However, allegations are that an argument developed between Graham and his former employers.

Graham is accused of using a sharp object to inflict several wounds to Mrs. Moncrieffe, her husband and the other employees.

He’s scheduled to appear in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on April 6.

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