Opposition Senator and JLP Chairman, Robert Montague, this afternoon stoked controversy in the Upper House, when he likened the Government’s fixation on obtaining positive reviews from the IMF, to the habits of a cocaine addict.

Montague attacked the Simpson Miller administration for being focused on pleasing the IMF while ignoring the urgent needs of the Jamaican people.

Senator Montague dubbed the Simpson Miller administration distracted, arrogant and uncaring while making his contribution to the state of the nation debate.

He accused the Government of not doing enough to grow the economy, create jobs and stimulate investment.

Senator Montague pointed to the poor state of crucial sectors as he argued that a singular focus on passing IMF tests cannot work.

The JLP Chairman drew expressions of disgust from the Government benches and applause from the Opposition side.

This after he suggested that the Simpson-Miller administration dispense with those policies which serve only to deny Jamaicans a chance at prosperity.

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