National Security Minister, Robert Montague, says while it’s encouraging, he’ll not make much of the recently reported 50-percent decline in murders in St. James this year.

Minister Montague says a lot of work is left to be done.

Over 330 people were murdered in St. James last year – forcing the Holness-administration to declare a State of Public Emergency in the parish last month.

Figures obtained this week from the statistics unit of the Constabulary Force, JCF, indicate that the state of public emergency may be having an impact.

The figures show that no murders were reported in St James last week – despite 26 people being killed across the island during that period.

Since the state of public emergency was declared on January 18 – two murders have been recorded in St James.

This represents a 50 percent reduction in murders in the parish when compared with 24 killings that were recorded over the corresponding period last year.

A cautious, National Security Minister, Robert Montague says he sees no reason for celebration just yet.

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Minister Montague says law enforcement must be commended for their work in St. James.

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He says efforts are underway to reduce violent crime in St. James and the rest of Jamaica in a sustainable way.

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Meanwhile, Minister Montague says the Police will be given more vehicles this month.

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Minister Montague says proceeds from the recently concluded extended road traffic amnesty could be used to buy more vehicles for the police this year. He says deliberations on how the funds collected under the amnesty will be used is currently taking place.

The Security Minister was speaking with our news centre this week during nomination day activities in Pembroke Hall in North West St. Andrew.

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