National Security Minister, Robert Montague, is rejecting criticism from the Opposition following his call for the Police Services Commission and Commissioner, George Quallo, to promote eligible members of the force.

Earlier this month, the PNP said the Minister was out of order when he called for some 400 vacancies in the JCF be filled or reasons should be given why the members could not be promoted.

The Minister says if there are vacancies members should be promoted.

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Meanwhile, Minister Montague say he sees no problem with members of the force being prevented from speaking directly with the Police Service Commission.

It was outlined in a recent force order that members could face possible dismissal for speaking with the PSC on a range of issues before seeking permission from the Commissioner of Police.

Some members of the force feel this is an attempt to muzzle them.

However, Minister Montague says members of the JCF must go through the proper channels.

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