The President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, PSOJ, William Mahfood, says the Government should strike a Public-Private Partnership, for the management of the country’s water resources.

He says this is necessary as the National Water Commission cannot be allowed to continue operating the way it has been, for the past 40 years.

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His views have found favour with the President of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, JCC, Warren McDonald.

According to Mr. McDonald, a partnership between private sector interests and the government is desperately needed, to alleviate the country’s perennial water woes.

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Meanwhile the Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre, WROC, is expressing strong opposition to any move by the government to privatize the National Water Commission, NWC.

According to the group, the privatization of water would dilute if not erode the accountability of water as a human right.

It’s also concerned that privitization could lead to an increase in water rates while not providing any guarantee for improved water access or quality.