North East St. Andrew MP, the JLP’s Delroy Chuck is rejecting the government’s assertion that the radical Muslim cleric Yasin Abu Bakr is a clear and present danger to Jamaica.

Mr. Chuck is describing as unconvincing, yesterday’s statement in the House of Representatives by National Security Minister, Peter Bunting.

Minister Bunting told the House that Abu Bakr was refused entry to the country because he’s a threat to national security.

But Mr. Chuck, a former Justice Minister, says the government has failed to make a credible case to support that assertion.

North East St. Andrew MP, the JLP’s Delroy Chuck, speaking with Nationwide News.

And sections of civil society are blasting Minister Bunting over his justification of the 4-million dollars spent to deport Abu Bakr.

The Co-convener of Citizens Action for Principle and Integrity CAPI, Dennis Meadows, says the Minister’s explanation flies in the face of common sense.

Dennis Meadows, Co-convener of CAPI.

Meanwhile social and political commentator, Carol Narcisse says the government’s reasons for deporting Abu Bakr lack credibility.

Carol Narcisse, social commentator, speaking with Nationwide News.