Cabinet has approved two proposals from the Pan Caribbean Sugar Company and the bauxite and alumina company, JAMALCO, to supply power to the national grid.

The announcement was made today by the Chairman of the Electricity Sector Enterprise Team, ESET, Dr. Vin Lawrence. He was speaking at press conference today at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Dr. Lawrence revealed that Pan Caribbean will supply power to the grid at a very competitive price.

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The sugar company has also obtained approval from Cabinet to deliver co-generation energy to the national grid for 8-months.

In its initial application, the sugar factory had pledged to deliver energy to the grid for 11-months.

But Dr. Lawrence says they subsequently requested an adjustment.

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In Clarendon, Jamalco has abandoned its plan to build a coal fired plant to supply energy to the national grid.

Dr. Lawrence says the firm has decided to use the natural gas that will become available in Old Harbour.

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Dr. Lawrence says the new developments will see the price of electricity going down.

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