Additional traffic changes are to be implemented along the Mandela Highway in St. Andrew, starting this Saturday, October 20, 2018.

According to the National Works Agency, NWA, the change will last for a minimum of eight weeks and will affect motorists travelling towards Spanish Town, St Catherine. It’s understood the change will impact the section of the corridor in the vicinity of the Six Miles Overpass.

Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says westbound traffic will be detoured onto a bailey bridge that has been installed in the vicinity of the Overpass. He says that movement along the Mandela, where it intersects Spanish Town Road and Washington Boulevard will be controlled by a newly installed, temporary traffic signal.

Mr. Shaw says that motor vehicles exiting Washington Boulevard will keep to the right to pass through the bailey bridge onto a newly constructed section of roadway then continue onto the Mandela Highway in the vicinity of Tom Cringle Drive. He says the same will obtain for vehicles exiting Spanish Town Road with both flows regulated by the traffic signals.

Mr Shaw says these changes are to facilitate the construction of the last major structure under the Mandela Highway improvement project. It’s understood the old metal structure over the Duhaney River is to be replaced by a concrete box culvert.

Shaw says the work will be done in two phases in order to allow the continuous usage of the road.