Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, has summoned PNP Vice President, Mikhael Phillips, to a meeting if he does not agree to immediately issue a full apology without any explanation for his recent controversial remarks.

In a letter sent to Mr. Phillips today, Mrs. Parchment Brown told the North West Manchester MP that his comments have breached the political code of conduct.

Mrs. Parchment Brown told the PNP Vice President that he should meet her on Monday, August 26 if he does not agree to apologize and withdraw his comments without any attempt to explain the remarks.

The Political Ombudsman told Mr. Phillips to send her office a written copy of his apology by Friday this week.

Earlier today, Mr. Phillips issued an apology but sought to explain the comments he made during his North West Manchester constituency conference on the weekend.

According to Mr. Phillips, in describing the enthusiastic support for the PNP, he made remarks that North West Manchester will never go into the hands of the JLP.

Mr. Phillips says he said that the PNP, under his watch, will continue to work hard towards the further development of the constituency.

According to Mr. Phillips, if that statement was interpreted as derogatory to his political opponents and generally offensive to others, he’s apologized and is expressing regret.

This is the statement made by Mr. Phillips which resulted in him receiving public backlash – including criticism from the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ.

Mikhael Phillips,  PNP Vice President and North West Manchester MP.