The Police are probing the murder of a mother and her daughter in Portmore, St. Catherine last night.

Dead are 53-year-old, Janett Moore and her 19-year-old daughter, Tajona Rhoden.

The women were murdered in Pheonix Park in Dunbeholden at approximately 10:00 last night.

Reports are that residents heard gunshots and called the police.

The women were found on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds.

Mrs. Moore and her daughter were carried to the hospital where they died of their injuries.

Prior to being killed, the women were reportedly held up at a shop by men who demanded money.

Mrs. Moore is reportedly a business operator.

In 2002, she was attacked by her husband with a knife on Old Stony Hill road, in St. Andrew.

Mrs. Moore was then carried to the hospital and survived the stab wounds.

Moore’s husband then went to another location and stabbed Tajona. He then killed himself.

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