The mother of Kaylan Dowdie, Veneshia Buckley, is adamant that the women accused of almost beating her daughter to death should not have been granted bail.

Ms. Buckley expressed the view while giving an update about her daughter’s condition on Nationwide This Morning.

Kaylan has been hospitalised since last year November after she was beaten by five women at an illegal party off Barbican Road in St. Andrew. 

The five women have been granted bail in the sum of $1.5 million.

Ms. Buckley is opposed to their bail.

Ms. Buckley argues that the justice system has failed her child.

The five women are not set to appear before the courts again until 2023.

The matter has been transferred to the Supreme Court.

Ms. Buckley is expressing concern that the accused women could flee the country in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Ms. Buckley says as the medical bills pile up, she has resorted to being a beggar.

Veneshia Buckley, mother of Kaylan Dowdie.