Mount Pleasant Football Academy in St. Ann has established a bubble similar to that which obtained in the Test Series between West Indies and England and that now which exist in the NBA as they prepare for the start of the new season of the National Premier League.

23 players and 8 coaching and management personnel entered the bubble over the weekend and will remain in that bio secure environment for the foreseeable future.

The coaching and management staff were given COVID 19 tests on saturday and the 23 players did theirs on sunday before entering the bubble.

Manager David Galloway says all the players and members of the coaching staff are well aware that once they go into the bubble they will not be allowed back out.

Galloway is now hoping other teams can do the same because setting up a bubble will eventually be useless because eventually his players will be exposed come match time.

Galloway also gives us an insight into the bio secure environment.

David Galloway, Manager of Mount Pleasant Football Academy speaking to Nationwide Sports.

The Premier League is tentatively set to get underway on November 14 pending Government approval.