South East St. Mary, Member of Parliament, Dr. Norman Dunn, says a vaccine mandate may become necessary in the near future.

Dr. Dunn, argues that once proper access to vaccinations has been established a mandate can be considered.

The discussion surrounding mandatory vaccinations has heated up as regional legal luminaries, Sir Dennis Byron and Professor Rosemarie Antoine, last week said there’s sound constitutional basis for Governments in the eastern Caribbean to impose mandatory vaccination as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the region.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness suggests the government has the constitutional authority to direct Jamaicans to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, Dr. Drunn argues that he’s uncertain the country has quite reached that point.

The South East St. Mary MP, says he’s doing all in his power on the ground to get constituents vaccinated.

He’s also calling on private sector and civil society groups to step up in their own advocacy.

Dr. Norman Dunn, Member of Parliament for South East St. Mary.

Meanwhile, West St. Thomas five-term Member of Parliament, James Robertson, supports calls for the Private Sector to step up its vaccine advocacy.

He says too many mixed messages are being sent to the public on the issue.

He’s calling on the private sector to do more to facilitate citizens.

James Robertson, Member of Parliament for West St. Thomas.