Member of Parliament for North West St. Elizabeth, J.C. Hutchinson, says he has not been neglecting his constituents in Holland Mountain.

At least one resident of the area who called in to Cliff Hughes Online made complaints that the area has been without street lights, proper roads, and piped water for over 14 years. 

Nora Gay Banton reports:

According to Mr. Hutchinson who later called into the programme, a promise made to the Municipal Corporation that has control over the installation of the street lights has not been kept.

He claims this is an issue a number of councillors have been facing.

Mr. Hutchinson says he understands the delay has been due to a lack of funding.

On the matter of roads, the longstanding MP says the Municipal Corporation has begun rehabilitation work.

And the North West St. Elizabeth MP says there’s been a disruption in the supply of water to residents in Holland Mountain due to the inability of the system to pump water to those areas.   

The MP says he’ll be making representation to the Ministry of Finance in relation to accessing funding to address the issues.