Western St. Thomas Member of Parliament, James Robertson, says a vaccine mandate from the government should come as soon as possible.

He says the government must inevitably mandate vaccines in the interest of returning the country to a sense of normality.

The five term MP and Deputy Leader of the governing JLP, made the call while speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

Chevon Campbell has that story.

Mr. Robertson did not mince words.

He says the vaccine is the only way his constituency will be able to return to prosperity. He wants the government to declare a vaccine mandate as soon as possible.

The support for mandatory vaccinations has gained impetus after noted jurists, Sir Dennis Byron and Professor Rosemarie Antoine, stated argued that there’s a sound constitutional basis for governments in the eastern Caribbean to impose a mandatory vaccination policy.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, himself left the door ajar on a vaccine mandate.

He says the constitution recognizes the need for abrogation of rights due to severe threats.

President of the United States, Joe Biden, has also called for large companies to institute vaccine mandates. The USA is Jamaica’s largest trading partner.

Mr. Robertson says the imposition of a vaccine mandate is inevitable.