Member of Parliament for North Central St. Catherine, Natalie Neita Garvey, is supporting calls for Windalco’s bauxite plant to be shuttered until it can properly manage its effluent.

Neita Garvey says little regard is being given to those affected by the environmental impact of its spills.

Neita Garvey’s constituents along the Rio Cobre have been impacted by the runoff late last week which resulted in a fish kill.

A similar incident happened just a few years ago.

The government through its environmental regulator has moved to sanction the company, however many feel the punishment has been far too lenient.

Neita Garvey says she’s grown frustrated with the continued promises of action that seemingly never come to fruition.

She says this is more proof of how those without significant means suffer.

Natalie Neita, Member of Parliament for North Central St. Catherine.

The National Water Commission, NWC, says the water quality of the Rio Cobre remains below the standard used to service customers.

That’s according to NWC’s Corporate Communications Manager, Andrew Canon.

The Commission’s Rio Cobre facilities have been impacted by the runoff from Windalco for almost a week.

Canon describes the situation as challenging.

The NWC says it’s awaiting word from the Ministry of Health as to the safety of the water, but its checks suggest flows still do not meet the necessary standards.

Canon says since the incident they’ve been forced to redirect other supplies to make up for the shortfall.

Andrew Canon, Corporate Communications Manager for National Water Commission.