Government and Opposition MPs clashed in the House of Representatives this afternoon over a disclosure by the State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arnaldo Brown.

Minister Brown had told Parliament on Tuesday that he spent $3-billion in his East Central St. Catherine constituency over the past 4-years.

Mr. Brown said the billions have been spent on development projects in his constituency.

East Central St. Catherine is considered a battle ground seat in the upcoming general election.

The MP said the money was used to fund sporting events and job creation programmes, along with providing economic enablement and training.

But Mr. Brown’s disclosure did not go down well with the Opposition Spokesman on Local Government and West Kingston MP, Desmond McKenzie.

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Leader of Government Business, Phillip Paulwell, attempted to contain McKenzie.

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Mr. Paulwell and House Speaker, Michael Peart also intervened as North Central St. Andrew MP, Karl Samuda expressed concern that the Constituency Development Fund allowed Mr. Brown to spend more 20- million dollars on back to school activities.

According to Mr. Samuda Opposition MPs were having difficulty obtaining similar levels of funding.

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