Popular Jamaican recording artiste, Mr. Vegas, says he’s decided not to press charges against policemen and church members who allegedly assaulted him.

Vegas says he was injured when he was physically removed from an event at the YMCA complex on Hope Road in St. Andrew yesterday.

The event was hosted by US celebrity Television Pastor, Gino Jennings. Jennings had ordered that Mr. Vegas be removed from the complex.

Mr. Vegas says some of the people who reportedly assaulted him are members of the police force. He says he made a report to the Half Way Tree Police Station.

But, the artiste says he’s not insisting the Policemen be charged.

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The entertainer says he was hurt during the altercation.

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Mr. Vegas says Pastor Jennings’ church had invited him to the YMCA complex to debate the Pastor about comments the clergyman had made calling some women prostitutes.

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Tempers flared yesterday when Pastor Jennings denied that he said the women are actual prostitutes and hoes but Vegas insisted that the tape be played.

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