Cornerstone United Holdings, Barita Investments, and two of its senior executives have filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against attorney-at-law, Deborah Mordecai-Edwards.

The lawsuit was filed on September 7 in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston. Find here for the Claim Form and Particulars of Claim:

Particulars of Claim:

The two Cornerstone executives who are asking the Court to hold Mordecai-Edwards accountable for allegations made in a letter are its Founder and CEO, Paul Simpson, and Chief Investment Officer, Jason Chambers.

Cornerstone, Barita, and the Cornerstone executives are seeking aggravated damages, which means if successful, the lawsuit could result in a hefty payment to them.

Cornerstone and Barita have also asked the Court to impose an injunction which restrains Mordecai-Edwards from repeating the allegations contained in the letter which was sent to regulators of the financial sector.

The lawsuit says allegations made by Mordecai-Edwards have, without basis, caused reputational harm and distress to the claimants and their businesses.

The lawsuit was filed on Cornerstone’s behalf by King’s Counsel Michael Hylton.

Mrs. Mordecai-Edwards, who’s the niece of Barita founder Rita Humpries-Lewin, has been locked in a legal dispute with Cornerstone over the process by which it acquired majority shares in Barita.

Cornerstone has insisted the process was above board.