Executive Director of National Integrity Action, Professor Trevor Munroe says there are too many loose ends and unanswered questions surrounding the merger of the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Taskforce and the police Anti-Corruption Branch, ACB, into a new anti-corruption agency.

The new agency, which retains the acronym MOCA, was announced last week by National Security Minister, Peter Bunting.

Professor Munroe says far more clarity is needed on the reporting mechanism for the agency.

As we hear in this report from Dennis Brooks, Professor Munroe is also unconvinced that the structure for the new MOCA will make it immune to political interference.

Professor Trevor Munroe says the operations of the new MOCA must be completely independent of any meddling from the political directorate.

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Professor Munroe says its important that the new MOCA is not handcuffed by the nature of its relationship with the National Security Council.

The new MOCA is another step on the road to the establishment, of what is being touted as an FBI style National Law Enforcement Agency.

According to Professor Munroe, the government must spell out the precise timeline for the establishment of such an agency.