The Police, the Military, some teachers, and community members continue to comb sections of St Catherine and Clarendon, in search of missing teacher Natalie Dawkins.

The 44 year old teacher at the Four Paths Primary School in Clarendon, has been missing since last Tuesday.

President of the Jamaica Teacher’s Association, JTA, Jasford Gabriel, says the entity remains committed to finding the missing educator.

He’s also calling on the Church to take the lead in what he says is a necessary response to what he calls a moral crisis in the nation at this time.

Jasford Garbriel, President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, speaking Today with Nationwide News.

A cash reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Ms Dawkins , has now been increased to one point five million dollars.

On Saturday the Police recovered a motor vehicle belonging to Ms Dawkins.

The vehicle was seized in St Catherine, by the Police when at least two men attempted to sell it.

The Police say a team acting on intelligence moved to detain the two men and were met with gun fire.

The Police reportedly returned the fire and one of the men was killed.

The other man escaped.

Miss Dawkins’ handbag was found a few days ago along the Spanish Town leg of Highway 2000.