There are questions this afternoon about whether Member of Parliament for North Central St. Catherine and former Cabinet Minister, the PNP’s Natalie Neita lied yesterday about whether she was aware that she’d been arrested and charged.

Yesterday Mrs. Neita told Nationwide News that she does not know whether she’s been charged. The former Cabinet Minister also denied that she’d been arrested.

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[Natalie Neita, Member of Parliament for North Central St. Catherine, speaking yesterday January 15, 2018 with Nationwide’s Abka Fitz-Henley.]

However, a statement issued today by the official information arm of the Constabulary Force says Ms. Neita was charged at the Duhaney Park Police station on January 12 while she was in the company of her attorney.

According to the statement from the Police, the North Central St. Catherine MP secured her freedom by posting 30-thousand dollars in bail.

This raises questions about the truthfulness of the Opposition MP’s claim yesterday that she’d not been arrested and does not know whether she’d been charged.

Neita is accused of punching a former co-worker in the face at the PETCOM head office on Spanish Town road on January 8 this year. She’s to answer to assault charges on February 1.

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