The National Security Ministry is to fully implement the national Closed Circuit Television, CCTV, system across the island, next month.

The project called ‘Jamaica Eye’, is to cost the government nearly three billion dollars.

In a statement to the media recently, the National Security Ministry, says it’s awaiting Cabinet’s approval for the money to fund the project.

The Jamaica Eye system will allow citizens and businesses with cameras that point in public spaces, to voluntarily provide their feed to the Ministry’s monitoring centers.

The Ministry says the project is in line with the government’s crime plan.

It will allow monitoring of public spaces in order to guide suitable response to acts of criminality and disasters.

The news comes as there’s an outcry for crime fighting solutions, across the island. This as the nation continues to be crippled by high murder figures.

In the meantime, the Ministry says it’s acquiring, in two months, a system to help recover stolen cell phones. It says the equipment is to cost the government some USD$45,000.

The Ministry says about 2,400 cell phones are stolen annually across the island.