As the country faces one of its worst droughts on record, the National Drought Management Plan has been activated.

The decision to activate the plan came out of a meeting yesterday of the National Drought Committee.

Preliminary figures for June indicate that Jamaica received only 30 per cent of its normal rainfall.

All parishes with the exception of sections of Westmoreland were in receipt of less than 50 per cent of normal rainfall.

This stark reality prompted the National Drought Committee to activate the country’s Drought Management Plan as the worsening drought reaches crisis levels.

The plan was last activated in 2010.

Acting Director General of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, ODPEM, Richard Thompson says that entity will have responsibility for managing the response plan.

Mr. Thompson says various government entities will have specific roles to play in the drought response effort.

Inflows into the Mona Reservoir from the Yallahs and Negro rivers are now at 4-point-8 million gallons per day.

That level is among the lowest since the construction of the Yallahs Pipeline in 1986.

Mr. Thompson says there are at least six parishes where the drought conditions are severe.

Lisa Williams for Nationwide News.