Hykel Nunes reports.

The National Parent Teachers’ Association of Jamaica, NPTAJ, strongly disagrees with the resumption of face to face classes today.

NPTAJ Interim President Mitsie Harris-Dillion says the government is taking a big risk.

Mrs. Harris-Dillion says Covid-19 test results for the Christmas period are pending:

Pictures flooded social media with students in their school uniforms this morning.

Mrs. Harris-Dillion says the resumption of children returning to classrooms is not right.

She says students could be exposed to the mutating virus:

Mrs Harris-Dillion says at least 70 percent of the total school population should be tested:

The NPTAJ boss says some parents refuse to put their children at risk.

She notes that this will affect some parents psychologically:

Meanwhile Mrs. Harris-Dillion says people are still shaking in their boots about the new variant of coronavirus.