The National Security Council has directed that a comprehensive review be carried out on the parole process in the Department of Correctional Services, DCS.

The review is to be carried out by the National Security Ministry.

In a statement today, the Office of the Prime Minister noted that Prime Minister Andrew Holness recently chaired the monthly sitting of the Security Council.

During the deliberations of the Council, concerns were reportedly raised by the Security Forces about the granting of parole to offenders whose release has been assessed as being contrary to the public interest, given the magnitude of their criminal antecedents.

According to the statement, in response to the concerns, the Council has directed that a comprehensive review of the parole process in the Department of Correctional Services be undertaken.

The Council further instructed that strong interim measures be considered until this review process has been completed.

According to the OPM, Prime Minister Holness emphasized that the foremost priority of the government remains the assurance of community safety.

However, the government continues to support the process of rehabilitation and reintegration of reformed prisoners back into the society.

The OPM says eligible persons will receive due consideration within a framework that doesn’t compromise public safety.

According to the OPM, the National Security Council also reviewed the information campaign for the reduction of firearms.

It was agreed that further actions would be taken to expand the remit of the campaign to include a focus on vulnerable groups, in particular women and children.