Meanwhile National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, says the police cannot be absolved of all responsibility for the death of Mario Deane.

We have more in this report from Lisa Williams.

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The Police High Command has denied reports that police on duty at the Barnett Street Station are responsible for the death of Mr. Deane.

The High Command insists Mr. Deane was fatally beaten by inmates, two of whom appeared in court today to answer murder charges.

But speaking last evening on Nationwide at 5, Minister Bunting says the police must shoulder some of the blame.

Minister Bunting says he’s angered by the circumstances surrounding Mr. Deane’s death.

According to Minister Bunting there needs to be cultural shift away from the abuse of people from a low socio economic standing.

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Minister Bunting says he will be visiting Mr. Deane’s family over the weekend.

Lisa Williams for Nationwide News.