A former senior manager at the National Commercial Bank, NCB who’s implicated in a massive fraud scheme pleaded guilty to multiple criminal charges in the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston today.

Convicted of the financial crimes is 52-year old Andrea Gordon.

Ricardo Brooks has more on the case of major fraud which is raising eyebrows in sections of the financial sector.

Following her guilty plea, Andrea Gordon was remanded in custody by Justice Lorna Shelly Williams.

The NCB employee is to be sentenced on May 31 this year.

The Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston heard that Gordon was employed to NCB for approximately 30 years. 

She began her tenure at the prominent financial institution in 1989 as a specialist cashier.

At the time of her arrest and charge, she was the Manager at the NCB’s Operations Centre at 29 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10. 

The Court heard stunning details of how investigations revealed Gordon unilaterally accessed NCB’s system and fleeced up to $111 million.

However, she was indicted for stealing $34 million over the period 2017 to 2020.

The indictment outlines how Miss Gordon accessed the bank’s system via her username and password.

She then transferred the large sums of money to herself. And her criminal activities went undetected for several years.

Gordon pleaded guilty to 13 counts of larceny as a servant. She also pleaded guilty to breaches of the proceeds of crime act and to money laundering.

Prosecutors outlined to the Court how when she was eventually confronted by the bank’s internal fraud team, Gordon wept and said her back was against the wall and she had taken the money to assist a sick relative.

But, prosecutor, Andrea Martin Swaby, noted investigations revealed Gordon used the money to shop for handbags and clothes.  She also used the monies she fleeced to buy materials to upgrade her house.

It’s understood the former NCB manager also used the money to install a movie theatre at a premises she owns.

Gordon also transferred some of the money to family members and associates. Several of her family members are before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court facing criminal charges.

Gordon’s guilty plea came after Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewelyn, entered a nolle prosequi in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court.

This resulted in the case being sent directly to the Home Circuit Court where Gordon pleaded guilty to the criminal charges.

The major fraud case which led to the guilty plea by Gordon has led to concern in financial circles about how the senior NCB Manager was able to steal millions of dollars over several years before she was intercepted.