Nora Gayne Banton reports

Director of Communications at the Jamaica Public Service, JPS, Winsome Callum, has disclosed that approximately 40 persons have lost their jobs as a result of the light and power company closing its customer service offices in several parishes.

The closure of the offices, is of concerns to residents who are forced to travel long distances to conduct business with the company.

Ms Callum made the disclosure on Cliff Hughes Online.

Ms. Callum says though 40 people would have lost their jobs, the company has employed 20 individuals to partially make up for that number.

The Communications Director also says other offices across the island have subsequently been closed including its Portmore branch.

She says the plan is not to reopen the offices but facilitate customers through other avenues.

Ms Callum noted that majority of the staff who worked in St Elizabeth have been deployed to other offices in Manchester.

But, Member of Parliament for St Elizabeth South Western, Floyd Green, asserted that the plan is ill conceived as that will put excessive load on the Mandeville office.

And Councillor for the Balaclava Division of St Elizabeth, Everton Fisher, is in agreement with Mr Green.

He says more research needs to be done on whether the new avenues to help customers will be effective.