At least two local stakeholders in Negril are defending the $12 million ‘Jam-Iconic Experience’ sign as value for money.

Their comments come amid controversy over the cost of the sign and questions as to whether quality work was done on the project.

Senior Strategist in the Tourism Ministry, Delano Seiveright, says the sign was paid for by funds from the Tourism Enhancement Fund.

The stakeholders say it was money well spent.

Robian Williams reports.

President of the Negril Chamber of Commerce, Richard Wallace, says the sign has already started to pay for itself.

The Chamber President says considering that Negril has contributed almost one billion dollars in revenue to the country’s tourism product, it shouldn’t be considered exorbitant to spend $12 million on a project that will bring benefits to the town.

While conceding that there was room for improvement in the quality of some of the work on the project, Mr. Wallace says he was taken aback by what he describes as the venom directed at the sign on social media.

He’s reminding Jamaicans that the $12 million did not just cover the actual sign.

He says significant work was done around the area.

For her part, President of the Negril Chapter of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, Ann Chen, also agrees that the sign will bring benefits to the town.

She says Negril deserves the investment.

Robian Williams for Nationwide News.