Chief Inspector and CEO at the National Education Inspectorate, NEI, Maureen Dwyer, says schools have nothing to fear as the inspectorate is collecting data from schools for a gap analysis during the pandemic.

She says there seems to be some misunderstanding about the purpose and nature of the inspections being conducted. 

Earlier this month, JTA President, Jasford Gabriel, told our news centre any appraisal conducted during the pandemic will not be fair and objective, given the challenges being encountered by teachers.

More in this report from Neika Lewis.

No need to fear. 

That’s the word from Chief Inspector at the NEI, Maureen Dwyer, as she outlines the need for a gap analysis being conducted by the local body.

Mrs Dwyer says the NEI has made several changes to its assessment format and has been conducting inspections virtually. 

This, she admits is different from how inspections were conducted previously.

She says except for one of the schools contacted so far, there’s been little to no resistance to the inspections. 

The NEI boss says 6 schools have already been assessed and another 90 are to be inspected by March 2021.