Member of Parliament for St Catherine North Central, Natalie Neita-Garvey, is urging the government to stop production at the bauxite alumina company, Windalco, until the company controls its spill into the Rio Cobre.

Neita-Garvey was reacting to the latest pollution of the Rio Cobre by Windalco’s plant in Ewarton, St. Catherine.

She says the pollution has been happening far too often.

The member of parliament says it appears that no care is given for persons affected by the pollution.

She’s also concerned that the fish in the river may not be safe for consumption after being exposed to the effluent.

She told Nationwide News that this problem would’ve been solved a long time ago had it been a community of affluent individuals.

Natalie Neita-Garvey MP for St Catherine North Central.