A well-known attorney-at-law is calling for the police to investigate comments being made on social media, accusing a number of pastors in the Moravian Church of sexual misconduct.

The call is being made by Queen’s Counsel, Valerie Neita-Robertson. She believes the Police Commissioner should lead the investigations.

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Her comments came as former Moravian Minister, Dr. Canute Thompson, was yesterday forced to defend himself against certain allegations.

He denounced what he described as a ‘smear campaign’, and dismissed the allegations as ‘baseless’.

His name has been added to a growing list of Moravian Ministers who’re being accused of various types of misconduct on social media.

The list includes the Reverend Rupert Clarke, who’s been charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl.

Mrs. Neita-Robertson is questioning the usefulness of the social media campaign which has been using the hashtag ‘SayTheirNames’.

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In the meantime, she’s warning that persons making allegations on social media could be sued.

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